No, I am not ready to accept Jesus

If you have decided not to accept Jesus today, I encourage you to click on and view the testimony below. As His Spokesman, God arms me with two powerful tools to tell people about Jesus. The first tool is the Gospel, which you have just heard, and the other tool is my testimony. Our testimony is what God has done in our individual lives and God has given to me a powerful testimony. Remember, I too was once a non-believer.

However, I first trusted God on His promise in the Bible that if I would seek Him with my whole heart that I would find Him. God is faithful and even after accepting Christ as my savior I continued to struggle through a public confession of Christ. I was just too cool for the Jesus thing. But then, through a series of events, I fell in love with God one day. Then, just like His word said he would do, Jesus manifested Himself to me and He showed me His love for me and I saw the depths of Christ's love for us and His love for us has no end.