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A Testimony of Salvation
Description: The testimony of how I came to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior.
Date of Events: Events in this testimony span across childhood to college years. The salvation event took place in the summer of 1998.
Discovering Faith
Part 1 of 2
The Lord Commissioned
Description: After baptism The Lord came to me in a dream and commissioned His work.
Date of Events: The baptism in this testimony took place on 10/24/2010. The Lord came to me in a dream two weeks later.
The Sower Parable Years
Part 1 of 3
The Lord Showed Me His Glory
Description: The Lord lifted me up high and showed me many things, including the riches of His glory.
Date of Events: Events during the months leading up to The Lord coming to me on the night of 11/25/2011.
Discovering the Holy Spirit
Part 1 of 4
The Lord Delivered Me from Cigarettes
Description: The Lord spoke to me and said "I've taken those from you."
Date of Events: The Lord took cigarettes from me on 1/18/2012. Some events in this testimony lead up to and occur after the Janurary 18th event.
The Fear of the Lord
Part 1 of 3
The Word of the Lord Came to Me in a Vision
Description: The word of Lord came in prophecy and then fell upon me in a vision.
Date of Events: The Lord sent messages by prophesy on 3/2/2012 and the word of the Lord came to me in a vision on 3/7/2012.
Trust in the LORD with All Your Heart
Part 1 of 3